By Leila del Duca & Kit Seaton Afar Themes Girl Empowerment Healthy Masculinity Gender Norms Afrofuturism Boetema discovers she can astrally project into new worlds and possess the bodies of people on other planets. At the same time, her troublemaker brother finds himself in a scary situation after eavesdropping on an illegal deal between business […]

Julian is a Mermaid

By Meg MedinaIllustrated by angela Dominiguez Julián is a mermaid Themes Healthy Masculinity Self-Esteem Family Julián notices three women on the subway dressed up in beautiful gowns that end in fishtails and bright, billowing hair. When he gets home, he starts daydreaming about the magic he has seen and wants to dress up in his […]

Pink Is For Boys

By Robb Pearlman & Eda Kaban Pink is for boys Themes Healthy Masculinity Gender Equity Stereotypes In this picture book, we’re reminded that pink is for boys, and girls, and everyone! Rethink the gender binary and the blue/pink stereotype. In this beautiful book, kids and grown ups are empowered to express themselves however they choose. […]