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About Social Norms

The Gender Equity Reading Initiative (GERI) works to prevent domestic and sexual violence using books that promote healthy social norms and protect their readers against violence.

Counting on Community

By Innosanto Nagara

Counting up from one stuffed piñata to ten hefty hens—and always counting on each other—children are encouraged to recognize the value of their community, the joys found in healthy eco-friendly activities, and the agency they possess to make change. A broad and inspiring vision of diversity is told through stories in words and pictures. And, of course, there is a duck to find on every page!

Pre-K or Lower

Feature Book

Pre-K or Lower

Feature Book

Book Themes

Some Secrets Should Never be Kept

By Jayneen Sanders and illustrated by Craig Smith

Just like we teach kids to be safe around water or the road, we must teach them body safety in a way that isn’t scary or confrontational. This beautiful picture book sensitively talks about the topic of unsafe and unwanted touch. Parents and children can also lean on the notes to the reader and discussion questions found within the book. 

Kindergarten – 3rd Grade

Feature Book

Consent (for Kids!): Boundaries, Respect, and Being in Charge of You

By Rachel Brian

Readers will learn about boundaries and how to set them, ways to respect themselves and others, what to do if someone makes them feel uncomfortable or unsafe, and much more. Along the way, they’ll be encouraged to reflect on (and improve!) their own behavior and to practice consent in their daily lives.

4th – 6th Grade

Feature Book


By Leila del Duca and illustrated by Kit Seaton

Boetema discovers she can astrally project into new worlds and possess the bodies of people on other planets. At the same time, her troublemaker brother finds himself in a scary situation after eavesdropping on an illegal deal between business tycoons and their cyborg bodyguard. Boetema accidentally hurts someone while in another girl’s body, and the siblings must work together to solve the problems they’ve created. 

7th – 8th Grade

Feature Book

Perks of Being a Wallflower

By Stephen Chbosky

Charlie is just starting high school, and writing singular, unique, hilarious, and devastating letters to an unknown recipient. Caught between trying to live his life and run from it, Charlie is set on a strange course. He must learn to navigate the world of first dates, mixtapes, family drama, new friends, sex, drugs, and the Rocky Horror Picture Show. This is a time when all he needs is the right song on a perfect drive to feel infinite. 

9th Grade+

Feature Book

Resources from the

Parent Tool Kit

The Parent Tool Kit provides child-appropriate examples and education about consent. Find tips for having difficult conversations with kids and teens and local resources for other needs and concerns.

December is

A Month of Giving

December is a month of giving and one full of wonderful holiday traditions. From Winter Solstice to Hanukkah and Christmas, the Gender Equity Reading Initiative honors however you choose to celebrate. This winter season give the gift of any one of our amazing books to share with a child in your life.

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