Julian is a Mermaid

By Meg MedinaIllustrated by angela Dominiguez Julián is a mermaid Themes Healthy Masculinity Self-Esteem Family Julián notices three women on the subway dressed up in beautiful gowns that end in fishtails and bright, billowing hair. When he gets home, he starts daydreaming about the magic he has seen and wants to dress up in his […]

Giraffes Can’t Dance

BY GILES ANDREAE AND GUY PARKER-REES Giraffes Can’t Dance Themes Bullying Stereotypes Self-Esteem Gerald the giraffe just wants to dance, but like all giraffes, he has crooked knees and thin legs. It’s hard for giraffes to dance! Thankfully, Gerald figures out how to dance his own way after hearing some encouragement from an unlikely friend. […]